I am Associate Professor of Communication (USC Annenberg), Computer Science (USC Viterbi), and Preventive Medicine (Keck School of Medicine of USC). I am also Associate Director of Applied Data Science at the USC Department of Computer Science, Research Team Leader at the University of Southern California‘s Information Sciences Institute, Principal Investigator of the Machine Intelligence and Data Science (MINDS) group, and Director of the Annenberg Networks Network (ANN) center.

My research core is Networks & Society + Humans & Machines and this is our team:

Emilio Ferrara   Goran Muric    
Emilio Ferrara
Goran Muric
Alex Bisberg Herbert H.C. Chang Emily Chen Bijean Ghafouri Julie Jiang
Alex Bisberg
PhD (CS)
Herbert Chang
PhD (Comm)
Emily Chen
PhD (CS)
Bijean Ghafouri
PhD (PolSci)
Julie Jiang
PhD (CS)
Hsien-Te Kao Akira Matsui Karishma Sharma Alex Spangher Shen Yan
Hsien-Te Kao
PhD (CS)
Akira Matsui
PhD (CS)
Karishma Sharma
PhD (CS)
(coadvior w/
Prof Yan Liu)
Alex Spangher
PhD (CS)
Shen Yan
PhD (CS)
Yilei Zeng Meiqing Zhang Weiwei Zheng
Yilei Zeng
PhD (CS)
Meiqing Zhang
PhD (Comm)
(coadvisor w/
Prof Patti Riley)
Weiwei Zheng
PhD (Comm)

Current Undergraduate & Master Students:

    • Divya Choudhary
    • Aditya Gupta
    • Adityan Joshi
    • Dhruv Mathew
    • Ankith Mohan (co-supervised with Aiichiro Nakano)
    • Vikram Mudaliar
    • Huy Tran Nghiem
    • Jaimin Patel
    • Vandana Rao
Current Directed Research Students
    • Karishma Sharma (primary advisor: Prof. Yan Liu)
    • Meiqing Zhang (primary advisor: Prof. Patti Riley)

  • Alumni Hall of Fame

    Alessandro Bessi Homa Hosseinmardi Anna Sapienza Zhenxiang Gao
    Alessandro Bessi Homa Hosseinmardi Anna Sapienza Gao Zhenxiang
    In our lab: Postdoc Postdoc Postdoc Postdoc
    Next at: Nextbit AI, AI R&D Director University of Pennsylvania, Senior Research Scientist Denmark Technical University, Research Scientist University of Connecticut, Postdoc
    Adam Badawy Ashok Deb Palash Goyal Samar Haider
    Adam Badawy Ashok Deb Palash Goyal Samar Haider
    In our lab: PhD PhD PhD MSc
    Next: Capital One, Principal Data Scientist US Army, Lt. Col. Samsung AI Research, Senior AI Research Manager University of Pennsylvania, PhD Student

    My research falls at the intersection of these fields (request my resume):

    Network Science Data Science Human-Computer Interaction Computational Social Science

    Current Appointments

    Currently teaching (Fall 2020): COMM 599 Special Topics: Data Science for Communication and Social Networks (at USC, Los Angeles)

    Former Collaborators (students and postdocs)

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