My research falls at the intersection of these fields (download one-page summary or my resume):

Network Science Data Science Machine Learning Computational Social Science

Social Network and Data Science Group

Adam Badawy
Alessandro Bessi
(Visiting PhD)
Palash Goyal
(Starting 11/16)
Anna Sapienza
(Visiting PhD)
(Starting 01/17)
Prathmesh Gat
Margaret Martin
Simart Singh Chhabra



In Spring `16 I’ll be teaching INF-599: Mining the Social Web at USC!

I organize the USC’s Information Sciences Institute Artificial Intelligence seminars! If you happen to be in Los Angeles and you want to give a talk about machine learning, social networks, etc., contact me :-)

Current position:

Aug 2015 – present, Marina del Rey, CA, USA

Former positions:

Jan 2015 – Aug 2015, Bloomington – IN, US

April 2012 – Dec 2014, Bloomington – IN, US

January – March 2012, London, UK

December 2008 – March 2012, Messina, Italy

September – December 2011, London, UK

February – May 2010, Vienna, Austria


Fall 2016/17: INF-599: Mining the Social Web (at University of Southern California, Los Angeles, US)

Spring 2014/15: INFO I400:590 Mining the Social Web (at Indiana University, Bloomington, US)

Fall 2013: INFO-I601 “Introduction to Complex Systems” (Guest Lecturer at Indiana University, Bloomington, US)

Spring 2013: INFO-I690 “Topics in Informatics: Mathematical Methods for Complex Systems” (Guest Lecturer at Indiana University, Bloomington, US)

Previous students

Previous students – Summer 2016 (USC): Laura Alessandretti  (Visiting PhD Student), Adam Badawy  (PhD Student), Prathmesh Gat  (MSc), Chiranth Gopal (Visiting Undegrad Student), Margaret Martin  (MSc)

Previous students – Fall 2015/Spring 2016 (USC)Vijayan Balasubramanian  (MSc), Zeyu Dai  (MSc), Zekun Li  (MSc), Margaret Martin  (MSc), Mahesh Tandarpally  (MSc), Wenqiang Wang  (MSc)

Previous students (Indiana University)Onur Varol, Clayton A. Davis, Zeyao Yang, Lei Li, Jaehyuk Park, Qing Ke, Azadeh Nematzadeh, Prashant Shiralkar, Jasleen Kaur, Rachael Fulper, Pablo Moriano, Alex Barron, Mohsen Jafariasbagh, Michael D. Conover, Karissa McKelvey, Bryce K. Lewis, Kehontas Rowe

Research Activity

The datasets adopted in my research on Social Networks are available on request.

The WERW-Kpath algorithm to compute the Kpath Edge Centrality has been released.

The CONCLUDE community detection algorithm has been released.


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